Saving for retirement… saving for a child’s or grandchild’s education.

Building a home… building a business.

Planning for an event… planning for a legacy.

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Client portfolio planning

Whatever your goals, whatever your needs, a solid financial security plan can help you get there. Mutual funds are an important part of a complete financial security plan.

Talk to your Quadrus investment representative

When you share some basic information about yourself and your family, and talk about your goals and needs, your investment representative can better assess how to advise about mutual funds. See what’s right for you.

As a dealership, Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. supports investment representatives and their clients through its strength and stability. And its strong service and support team is dedicated to helping smooth the way toward your financial security goals.

Locally, our investment representatives have access to a team of specialists. The Quadrus head office team is dedicated to providing top-notch service to our investment representatives. We support their focus on full financial security planning, offering:
  • Opportunity for long-term wealth and financial security
  • Product quality and sustainability
  • Quality administrative services